Solo Wang


The Company is founded by Jung Yi "Solo" Wang, a Film Composer/Pianist/Audio Engineer from Taiwan who loves to bring great music to people. Having studied filmmaking as an undergraduate, Solo knows film production and understands the role of music in visual media. As a student he scored many of his and other classmates’ films; after graduation, he working for Taiwanese Public Television scoring television shows. Solo later moved to Los Angeles for further study, earning degrees in Audio Engineering and Keyboard Performance from Musicians Institute, and in Film Scoring from UCLA Extensions. Solo has worked in the studio of Hans Zimmer, one of the top film composers active today.

 Lin Hsieh


Lin earned her Master's in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University. She has worked in local arts organizations and large performance venues, connecting and taking care of musicians and audiences. As House Manager at Strathmore Music Hall she led teams of front-of-house staff running concerts for thousands of people. At Calliope Folk Music Society she conducted audience surveys and developed marketing programs, administered education programs, and herded volunteers at concerts. Arts Manager, songwriter, and composer, Lin grew up studying European classical flute and piano, later learned jazz at Berklee College of Music, and studied music production and film scoring at UCLA Extension with Solo. 

Romain Zante


Romain is a composer and conductor who works for both film and concert music. Very attached to traditional orchestral writing, his projects include several international commissions and short films. He has been conductor of the International Saxophone Ensemble of Brussels, the String Orchestra Project and is now principal conductor of the Cercle Royal Musical d’Aubange. After graduating from the Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music and Esch/Alzette Conservatory in Luxembourg, Romain Zante obtained a certificate in film scoring at UCLA Extension.